Our Company

Om Satyam Group has encapsulates the believe in client pleasure. Om Satyam Group was established long back. Our comprehensive profile includes tasks of building creative houses, flats, and commercial buildings. The organization is in accordance to ISO 9001-2008 standards. The Team has several years of experience in construction and proved their best in the property business and is a big name when it comes to offering houses to its clients.

Om Satyam is a firm of professional building companies working across Nagpur. As the industry converts into an economic stimulation leading to huge job possibilities, the company avoids “Capacity Building” and Sustainable Competitive Advantage produced by its high-valued, unique and non-substitutable employees with Great Performance Perform Systems.
Being promoted and run by its younger passionate diligent sibling duo of Abhijeet Shahu & Rituraj Shahu who has made ‘OM SATYAM GROUP’ one of the leading construction organizations in Nagpur offering clients’ building of remarkable quality and value. Om Satyam accomplishes its business objectives by acting with reliability, high ethics and compliance with the law. This allows develop lasting connections with clients and traders, based on trust.

Being young and powerful they implement officially innovative systems, unique human resources. Advanced level of management and a powerful team has made the group what it is today. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work which we provide with conventional concepts.